テニスマガジン2018年4月号(2/21発売)に、SERGIO TACCHINIのARCHIVIO商品とTENNIS(レディース)商品が掲載されました。

YOUNG LINE POLO ARCHIVIOは、オンラインショップにて販売中(別カラー)です。


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ベルリン/ニューヨーク発のオンラインメディアHIGHSNOBIETY セルジオ・タッキーニ紹介


Sergio Tacchini



Another classic Italian brand that fell by the wayside, Sergio Tacchini has credible, authentic roots. Started in the late ’60s by the professional tennis player of the same name, the label was an endeavor to shake up the boring, all-white dress code of tennis with exciting colors and new materials. As the brand’s distinctively “high-fashion” logo suggests, the brand succeeded in bringing class and luxury to sportswear.

During the heyday of European football’s casual culture in the 1980s, the Italian brand was coveted amongst football fans. As the story goes, football fans who travelled to Europe to support their teams were deemed a cut above the home supporters. When they travelled to Italian cities for a match, they’d shoplift their favourite Italian sportswear from shop-owners who were completely unprepared for a gang of thirty football hooligans fired up for the game.

They say any publicity is good publicity, and if people are risking arrest in a foreign country just to own your clothes, you must be doing something right. In 2007, the brand declared bankruptcy and was sold to a Hong Kong businessman. Perhaps the brand’s recent collaboration with Gosha Rubchinskiy will open it up to a new generation of consumers, though, and reinvigorate the classic, casual style that made Sergio Tacchini a symbol of Italian sportswear.

Hombre Nino(オンブレニーニョ) X セルジオ・タッキーニ コラボレーション

日本発信のファッションブランド、Hombre Nino(オンブレニーニョ)とセルジオ・タッキーニとのコラボレーションによる17FWコレクションが実現しました。有力セレクトショップにて発売中です。

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